Hey guys! I have a major big favor to ask you.
So, recently my best friend’s cat was ran over by an unknown driver. Now, I understand you’re probably like “Oh no another one of these posts” or something like that, but please keep reading.
The cat’s name is Dizzy and he is 1 year and 6 months old. An extreme cutie who is still really young! When he got ran over, one of his front paws was broken and the other leg in the front was shattered completely. With the current condition he is in, without surgery, Dizzy only has a week left to live.
Within talking to several vets the cheapest they could go for amputation or any sort of surgery was 2,000 UPFRONT. 2,000 is ridiculous because I know my vet would not make me pay this much for surgery, however my friend is not in the area and is  trying the best he can at the moment.
This is a ridiculous price, anyone can agree. However, my friend is also paying out of his own pocket  for his brother’s schooling. His brother has autism and he pays for extra special schooling. If he wants his brother to continue school, he must let the cat go and suffer for the week, which is obviously the inhumane thing to do.
I, and multiple others have suggested he opens up donations. My friend Akira is really a great guy and puts all of his efforts and hard works into his family and other people. He gets great pay and puts all of it to his family and friends. He is a really honorable  guy and it would mean alot to me and I know to him if you would donate.
If you can donate, even the slightest, please do. The paypal account is
If you cannot donate, please pass the word on because that’s just as great. If you’re interested on seeing update’s from Dizzy’s health and progression, you can see it here.
Thank you so so much everyone and please keep Dizzy in your thoughts if it’s not too much to ask!

This is my cat you guys, please help if you can! Dizzy really needs this!
EDIT: There is also a reward system in place, if you donate any amount at all, you get my 6 latest releases in a zip in 320kbps mp3, just make sure to please leave your tumblr url, or name you go buy if it’s on facebook, or just some way to contact you so I can send you the zip! Thank you guys!
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